PM Narendra Modi Movie Review: Vivek Oberoi wins Heart by acting


At the same day of Parliamentarian Election Result Declaration, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s biopic ‘’PM Narendra Modi’’ was released in cinema halls. Earlier this movie was to be released on 11th April but got delayed due to restriction of Election commission and had to be rescheduled for later.  

Here goes the movie review.

Life of personalities like Narendra cannot be wrapped up in a movie of 2 hours or more, still this was a good attempt. In the movie Narendra Modi’s life has been represented in very confined way. In all Department of movie production like Screen play, Direction and dialogues delivery has been done in a fine manner. Also, Bollywood Actor and Lead Character in Film, Vivek Oberoi has played his role in a significant way.

Those who watched the movie were disappointed by the part which lacked knowledge about the specific information like Modi’s life, his struggle, political career and RSS. Having watched Movie, we believe that there are so many aspects which could have given a whole better perspective to the movie. The movie was produced in Interest of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 which ultimately manifested as it’s down point.

As far as acting point in the movie is concerned, some people loved Vivek Oberoi’s acting, as our Prime Minster while there were some who were hoping there was a chance for improvement.

Well, to conclude we would say- If you are a hard core Modi supporter there is a chance you would find some shortfalls but then again it is a good one time watch!