84 cities shortlisted for improving their Air Quality by 2024


Before the Environment day, which is held on June 5, Union Environment Ministry (UEM) has presented a target for the India’s most Polluted cities. In India, there are 102 cities which are most polluted. UEM has given a task to 84 cities out of 102 to reduce the particulate matter, which is famously known as PM. 

UEM secretary C.K Mishra told it in a press conference.  “84 Cities have been given a task to reduce the PM 10 to PM 2.5 by 2024.” 102 cities are under National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) and they have been given this task in January this year. Before the Environment day UEM has done a review. Targets have been assigned to the cities which are as follows:

What is the NCAP Targets?

All the 84 cities of states have been given a plan to produce the monitoring stations, providing technology support, conducting source apportionment and strengthen enforcement. Having produced all this facilities, cities have to calculate the reduction of pollution on the basis of 2017’s annual PM levels.

For achieving the NCAP targets, cities have to do a lot in Road Safety system. They will have to make sure that there would be no Pothole on road and have to ensure strict action against unauthorized brick kilns .This is a basic step because whenever any institutions research the cleanliness of any city, they measure the road tidiness.

 In April, UEM constituted a committee to implement the NCAP targets. For spreading the awareness of this programme, ministry has launched a campaign having collaborated with Bhamla Foundation.  Collaboration has to develop a song, Hawa Aane De, with the support of Bollywood Artists. This Song is a ‘call to action for all to come together and fight against air pollution’; ministry released it in a note.