viral video
viral video

In the Country like India where Feminism has improved way more than it’s earlier and yet a long way ahead

This video is flooding the Instagram with the shameful incident happened at one of the Gurgaon restaurants “Nukkadwala” when Shivani Gupta with her two friends name Aditi Rai and Shivani Aggarwal
and they were about to sit at their tables and suddenly they noticed a women named Soma Chakrabarty calling them in a very impolite manner and She straightway asked Shivani that “are you comfortable in the clothes that you are wearing” and she calmly replied that “yes” and on the second high pitched tone she asked “are you ok if men star are your bare legs” and the sill managed to answer calmly with a “yes”, It went really disgusting when women gave a statement that “Do you know it’s because of girls like you that rapes happened in our country”, “you encourage men to rape” and more. Shouting she says to all the men in the cafe “please rape these women who you see wearing short and revealing clothes”.

Girls felt bad and they went out of that cafe and took a really brave and supportive step to ask for the apology from the Soma and they followed her to a store and then they shot a video where they asked for an apology again and again. Soma Chakrabarty clearly stated in the video that girls wearing short clothes are instigating all the men around and warned there, parents, to take care of it, One of the random women in the store strongly support the girls and with a statement “you have no right to tell her what to wear”. If this is the scenario then “why rape happens to women who are all covered with burkas and wearing long clothes and why it happens to old women who only wear sarees” said Shivani’s friend. It is a really strong point to ask who have a similar mentality. It is really disgusting and shameful to have people with this stereotype mentality and top of it women to women passing this type of statement where on the other hand Soma’s one of her photo captured with a dress flaunting her legs People on social media platforms showed their anger and hate to Soma and supported Shivani Gupta through comments, posts and stories.

However, Instagram took away the video from the platform after the hours of posting it and Shivani showed her anger to Instagram by posting it. Then all the supporters and the girls waited for the apology from the women and after approx 12 hours, the women named Soma Chakrabarty apologized publicly to the country and realized that she was wrong. “This is all we wanted from the beginning and this is what led us to seek help from social media,” said Shivani and she thanked all her supporters and requested all to fight against the rape culture which actually exists.

The question to all of you around why always women are targeted why don’t you brought up your boys with a mentality to control and respect women and after watching this video I should say even tech your girls while they are growing not to be judgmental and mind your own stuff.