Single-Use Plastic Movement: Fail or Success?

All of us are aware of the Single- Plastic Movement is the recent initiative of PM Modi for our environment to cut down on plastic which cannot be reused or recycled. 

In a single day, the production of Plastic in India is 26,000 Tonnes and 10,000 tonnes amongst that is the plastic that is not even collected. This data has been issued by the Central Pollution Board in 2012 and the numbers have been increasing ever since. 

By these statistics, we can make out that “PLASTIC” is such a big problem for our environment and health. 

Almost one month ago PM Modi, on his show stressed about how plastic is degrading and polluting our society and there were almost instant precautions being taken on this matter.

Some examples of these are: 

  1. Railway of India banning Single-Use Plastic bags and bottles from October 2 to reduce the plastic footprint. 
  2. Milk brand like 0’Milk Dairy’ using glass bottles to supply milk to their clients instead of plastic pouches to reduce plastic consumption and ensure healthy food consumption by people. 
  3. Many people in the south are joining the idea of BYOC: Bring Your Own Cutlery. As much fun it sounds, it is a very good idea for cutting down the use of plastic disposables used by street vendors. 
  4. The brand ‘The Body Shop’ is reviewing their packaging and opting for a much more socially and environmentally safe material 
  5. Many makeup brands are opting for a better way of packaging so help the environment from degrading

Not just these brands but IPCA (Indian Pollution Control Association) is also focusing on the collection, segregation, and recycling of plastic waste. This is adding to the movement as a very major step. 

If these brands are working so much for our society to keep it clean, healthy and plastic-free then we can sure add to this movement! Let’s pledge and take on to this motive as part of the cleanliness of OUR SOCIETY. 

These are the basic hacks you could use to cut down the consumption of Plastic up to 50%. 

  1. The basic one which we believe we must already be doing it. Carry paper bags or jute bags to carry out stuff like vegetables, fruits, etc. in the market and avoid taking the polythenes the vendors give us.
  2. Use paper disposables instead of plastic disposables. Those are the most dangerous kind. 
  3. Do not use plastic tiffin boxes or bottles for your kids or yourself. As much as they are harmful to the environment, they are dangerous for the health of your kids as well! 
  4. Use steel buckets instead of plastic buckets for your bathroom. It may not be single-use plastic but it can be bad for the environment once you dump them 
  5. Cut your milk pouches or any other plastic packet straight. Many people have a habit of cutting it slant and because of that, a small piece is separated which further is not possible to recycle. 
Save enivronment, ban plastic

So these were some tips we can adapt to reducing our Plastic Footprint. Do incorporate them in your daily life as this is our environment and we should leave it better than we received it.