‘Wishing and Blessing Ngo’ Organized a Flash Mob in support of the abandoned elderly


New Delhi:  Wishes and Blessing, a Delhi based ‘NGO’ organized a flash mob to spread awareness for the old people of our society. The ‘Flash Mob’ was held in Select City Walk Mall, Saket at 6.30 Pm, associated with Lady Shri Ram College (LSR).

‘The Flash Mob’      

The main purpose of ‘Mob Flash’ was to gather the people and to spread awareness towards senior citizen. ‘Wishes and Blessing NGO’ has been getting support by LSR girls from years to years. 18 young girls from the Dance Society of LSR danced to turns of the Yesteryears to raise awareness and escalate information on the recently situation of the abdicated poor and elderly of Delhi/NCR, and to need to give them lots of love and respect they deserve since ages.  Many students performed in the Retro Hindi Music and it transported the audience to past and made them think of elderly people.

Announced the organization fourth POP-UP Exhibition, WB ACT 4

The founder of ‘Wishes and Blessing’ NGO Geetanjali Chopra Announced the organization fourth POP-UP Exhibition, WB ACT 4.  The Pop up is an annual based event to raise funds for charity.  The funds from last three pop-ups have facilitated the construction of a class room, mass weddings for 14 girls and the construction of an old age home , ‘MANN KA TILAK’. The funds raised by WB ACT 4 will aid to help the monthly running cost of an old age home, MANN KA TILAK’ and the initial cost of build up an old age home for men. The pop up is especially curated event and is a fun way to contribute for the good cause. It will help up on 13th September in Royal Park, GK-2 TO Spread smile and make dreams come true.

What Wishes and Blessing is about?

Wishes and blessing established in April 2014 with the agenda to stimulate and empower dreams. It is delhi based registered NGO . This NGO appears as a unique platform for helping the underprivileged people. The founder of this NGO is Dr. Geetanjali Chopra. It is unique platform to connect with donors and beneficiaries.

According to the Geetanjali Chopra, happiness is not just an end, but a means to an ends as well, and therefore do not have one focus area but 9 causes among which are skill development, infrastructure, education and hygienic food.

What are the visions of ‘Wishes and Blessing’ NGO?

This NGO has a vision to make a nation with equal opportunities. First, the word ‘Underprivileged’ will be no longer exists. Second, Happiness becomes a luxury. Third, there is no obstacle for dream. Fourth, everybody can help each other as per their will, strength, power and capabilities.

What are the Mission of ‘Wishes and Blessing’ NGO?

Our mission is to motivate and empower dreams, which they are doing since long…

There mission is to spread smile, promote education, nature good health, provide relief and create opportunities.

Here are some projects of ‘Wishing and Blessing NGO’

‘Wishing and Blessing NGO’ has been doing lots of projects for country welfare. These projects are Birthday Manao, Daily Meals Programme, Festive Celebration, Journey to a new Class, Special Treats, Sponsor a Chilhood, Ultimate Education Supplies and Host a special meal programme etc.

Here are the details to contact the NGO

‘Wishing and Blessing NGO’ is supporting underprivileged people, if you want to donate or help this NGO just email: office@wishesandblessings.net or to know about more visits this website- wishesandblessings.net