To lose weight and balance your healthy life do not eat these Foods


Are you trying to achieve your fitness goals? Your diet is very important for this. But, the challenge does not just eat healthy food, but also avoiding some unhealthy foods.  Otherwise it being difficult for you to lose weight.

Here are some foods you should avoid to keep yourself fit

Breakfast Cereals: Cereals and corns flakes can be seen as healthy, but keep in mind that they are highly processed foods without of nutritive value. Processed food is overheated to make it suitable to store it longer duration.They are engaged with sugar, which gives them high glycemic index (GI) says consulting Nutritionist.

Chips: we all are very fond of chips, but don’t consume such things because it is not good for health. These salty snacks are full of calories and sodium. It can also cause weight gain. In-spite of this, consume healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruits.

Oat cookies: Oats are great source of complex carbohydrates but processed oat cookies destroy the structure of the grain. They are full of sugar and butter.

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Brown bread: The Commercial brown bread available in the market has hidden in sugar. Eventually, colour is a result of the sugar and colour content. In addition, refined dough and yeast used in these breads dehydrate the body.

Iced coffee: lot of people likes to have iced coffee to stay awake and promote energy. However, you should keep in mind that iced coffee has a too much sugar and fat content as compared to normal coffee and is high in calories.

Protein bars: Protein bars looks healthy, they are processed and are full of artificial ingredients and sugar. Nutritionist suggests that, you do not take them as snacks and if it has over 200 calories and more than 8 grams of sugar.

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