These are some things that Indian couples usually do on their first wedding night


It might come in your mind that what happens at first wedding night between the couples. So, what you are waiting for today we are briefing you about some points that usually happen during the first night of Indian couple.

  • Take a deep sleep

At the first night most of the couples take a deep rest, without even being in a conscious mind, and knowing who is next to him. As we all are pretty much aware that Indian Weddings are so tiresome and full of traditions that will just leave you both with sleep.

  • Naughtiest talks

First wedding night you have too much time to communicate with each other and to find about more. You both get some time to do some blushing naughty chit-chat.

  • Rush to take Bath

They can be either five stars hotels or your home for first wedding. It feels good while taking a long shower to feel more relaxed after some tiring rituals.

  • Plan for Honeymoon

Even though, you can plan for honeymoon. You can suggest some destination spots to escalate your bond during this tiny vacation.

  • Discuss about the wedding

Some couples tend to spend their wedding night by discussing about such topics which are not so much important at the time like pathetic relatives, food and gifts.

  • Eager to see Gifts

Eventually there are some of brides who are keen to know about what’s they get in wedding. Poor Groom !!