Rape Victim commits suicide over ‘police non-intervention’

A gang rape victim from Meerut committed suicide on Monday after Uttar Pradesh police didn’t take action over the case. She went to police station to file her complaint against the rapists. After the victim, who was a resident of kharkhauda in Meerut, committed suicide, on duty officials tried to distance themselves from the incident and claimed that she had not filed any complaint.

According to the victim’s complaint, she was living in the slum called Kharkhauda in UP and she was allegedly raped by three men on 29th June. But the Kharkhauda Police did not take this case seriously when the victim went for complaint. Her repeated visits to senior police officers and their assurance that ‘an inquiry would be carried out soon’, did not bear any results. According to the family members of victim, She was depressed and tensed because no action was being taken against the criminals by police.

The case has become serious because crimes are increasing day by day from the time Yogi Government has come in State.

Inspector General of Police said, This is a very serious complaint. Adequate actions will be taken against the concerned police officers, If they are found to have not done their job in this case they will be suspended soon.