Planning to buy An Air Cooler This Summer? Here’s What You Should Know


A high performing, energy-efficient air cooler helps you pass through the season of the scorching heat with ease. But, a lot of consumers remain confused about the type of cooler they should pick for a convenient summer season. Read on to know more about the key parameters you should consider before purchasing an air cooler to get the most out of your investment.

The capacity of the water tank

The capacity of the water tank is an important aspect to be considered. An air cooler with a large tank capacity will not only be effective but will also last long for uninterrupted cooling. You can consider an air cooler with a 15-litre tank capacity for a small room, while a medium-sized room or a hall will demand an air cooler with at least 25 litres of tank capacity.

Picking between personal coolers and desert coolers

Procuring the right type of cooler is pivotal for a soothing cooling experience. It is important to mention that for small spaces like medium-sized rooms, a personal cooler will come as the most effective cooling solution. For bigger spaces like halls, a desert cooler will do the trick. A personal cooler will be sufficient for a room size between 100 square feet and 300 square feet while a desert cooler can easily cool an area of 350 to 400 square feet.

Cooling pads

Cooling pads come as an elementary part of a cooler. While there are a range of cooling pads available for coolers, the most popular among them include honeycomb pads, aspen pads and wool wood ones. Honeycomb pads in this regard come as the best option as they are long-lasting and low on maintenance.

Noise levels

Many coolers can hamper your comfort by being too noisy. It is, therefore, imperative for you to pick an option that creates minimum noise while operating at maximum speed.

Refilling option

It’s a tedious task to refill a cooler, you should therefore consider an option that not only offers an unparalleled cooling experience but is also easy to manage. A cooler with an auto-fill feature will not only add to your convenience but will also prevent the machine from getting damaged.

Climate conditions

While desert coolers are more effective during dry seasons, personal coolers can be a feasible option for humid conditions to get rid of the sweaty heat.

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