Navigating UAE’s Best Job Search Platforms for Career Success

UAE's Best Job Search Platforms

UAE’s Best Job Search Platforms – One of the most important countries in the world is the United Arab Emirates, the youngest yet wealthiest country in the world. Many people from other countries dream of working there. Employment in the UAE is an opportunity to earn good money and gain invaluable experience. Let’s find out more about how to find a job in the Arab Emirates.

Before you start looking for a job, you need to make a CV (Curriculum Vitae). It contains the applicant’s experience and education, information about achievements and awards, and recommendations from previous jobs. After that, we start searching for vacancies, there are several ways to do this.

Independent search

Personal contact is a rather effective, but costly way of searching for a job. It consists of the fact that the applicant makes a tourist visa or visa to the UAE, buys an airplane ticket, and flies there. Your visa will be valid for one month. It is during this time that you need to find a job. It is also worth arranging accommodation in advance.

Best Job Search Platforms -

You can look for vacancies in local newspapers and magazines, as well as use websites such as Layboard. Below is a detailed description of each job search site in Dubai:

Amito Jobs

Amito Jobs is an online job search platform in Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries. It offers a wide range of job opportunities across different levels and industries. Features:

  • Detailed job descriptions.
  • Ability to upload a resume and create a job seeker profile.
  • Personalized notifications of new job openings.

Jobs in The Middle East

Jobs in The Middle East is a popular site for job searches in the Middle East, including Dubai. It features job vacancies in a variety of fields and experience levels. Features:

  • Search jobs by keyword, industry, and location.
  • Sections for finding internships and temporary jobs.
  • Articles and employment tips.


Bayt is one of the largest job search and recruitment portals in the Middle East including Dubai. Here you can find thousands of job vacancies from leading companies. Features:

  •  Automated job search based on job seeker profile.
  •  Ability to create a resume and register online.
  •  Articles and career development guides.


Layboard is an online portal for job search and recruitment in the CIS and Middle East, including the UAE. There are thousands of job vacancies in various fields, go, and you can find any profession, even courier. Functions:

  • Job search by keywords, regions, and industries.
  • Sections for posting resumes and candidate registration.


Dubizzle is a popular online portal for classifieds in Dubai including job vacancies. Here you can find both full-time and temporary vacancies in various industries. Features:

  • Sections for job search by industry and location.
  • Ability to contact employers directly through the platform.
  • Different filters to clarify the search search results.

International Labor Exchange

International Labor Exchange is a UAE government portal for job search and labor services information. It offers a wide range of job vacancies and services for job seekers and employers. Features:

  • Job search sections by category, experience level, and salary.
  • Information on visa requirements and UAE employment regulations.
  • Online services for job seekers to register and employers to post jobs.

UAE Ministry of Labor Portal

The UAE Ministry of Labor Portal is the official website of the UAE Ministry of Labor. Here you can find information on employment regulations, legislation, and services provided by the government. Features:

  • Information on the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers in the UAE.
  • Electronic services for filing complaints and appeals.
  • Portal for registering job vacancies and searching for jobs through government agencies.

If you find a suitable job (or preferably, several), contact the employer and go for an interview. The applicant should have about a thousand dollars to live in the country for the first time. In addition, it is necessary to take a return ticket in advance with the possibility of reissue on another date. This will be insurance in case employment fails.

However, remote search is not an effective way. There are a lot of vacancies in the UAE, but employers are very unlikely to immediately invite a person to work on the Internet application. This method is suitable only for highly qualified specialists in demand, in particular for top managers, programmers, and medical workers.

Searching through recruitment agencies

It is quite effective to look for a job through specialized staffing or recruiting agencies. The most reliable ones are:

  • Global Vision.
  • Job Travel Possible.

Usually, their services are paid by the applicant in the amount of 600–1000 dollars. Less often, employers pay the agency directly for recruitment.

Official registration of employment

It is quite difficult to obtain UAE citizenship, but the process of official employment here is maximally simplified. It includes the following stages:

  1. Legalization of the diploma of education (if required).
  2. Registration of a work visa.
  3. Entry on a work visa.
  4. Conclusion of an employment contract.
  5. Issuance of resident visa and electronic labor card.

Entry on tourist and temporary visas for work is prohibited.

Requirements from job seekers

Potential labor immigrants must:

  • Know English, Arabic, and other languages at a conversational level (if required by the employer).
  • Be in good health.
  • Be psychologically balanced.
  • Be under 50 years of age.
  • Have no problems with the law or drugs.

The best chances for employment are for men under 35 and married women over 30.

Possible difficulties and sanctions for illegal employment

The UAE authorities have created all conditions for foreigners to work here legally. The only difficulty arising during employment is the choice of a bona fide employer.

UAEs Best Job Search Platforms -

Before signing a contract, it is necessary to collect the most reliable information about the potential employer and study reviews about him on the Internet. Otherwise, the applicant may actually get into slavery. First, you should be wary of ads where the employer promises golden mountains and requires a minimum number of skills from the applicant.

The UAE immigration authorities are very strict with illegal immigrants. For every day of illegal stay in the country, you must pay 100 dirhams, which is about 30 dollars. If a foreigner is unable to pay this amount and has problems with the local law, he faces prison. Every illegal immigrant, after paying the fine and serving a prison sentence, is deported to his home country.