Maharashtra: Two villagers killed by Naxalite in Gadchiroli


Raging Naxalites killed 2 villagers of Pursalgondi in Etapalli taluka of Gadchiroli district in Maharashtra.

On Sunday night deceased have been identified as Masu Pungati, the village chief, and Rushi Meshram, a political worker of the NCP. The two were gunned down by a group of around 30 to 40 Maoists who reached the village at night and called for a Jan Darbar.

After holding a mock court, the Maoists sentenced the death penalty to two of them for helping and supporting the government in running the mining operations at Surjagarh mines. The two were then shot by the Maoists following which they left the village warning and threatening the villagers.

The C-60 Commandos lodged the guilty Naxalites hideout camp with Grenades and IED explosion which made them run from their hiding spot.

Thereafter, Commandos with their reinforcements searched the spot, they found 2 bodies of Maoists and it is suspected that the encounter has left 3 to 4 other Maoists injured. Huge quantities of ration, arms, ammunition, and literature were found at the spot which was suspected to a be training camp for the Maoists.

Around 70 to 80 Maoists were said to be present at the spot geared with firearms and explosives. It was said that the area was a training centre of the Maoists located at the Bhamragad taluka bordering Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh.

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The operation is being termed as one of the rare and daring operations by security forces against Naxals as the encounter happened in the jungles of Abujmarh which is an isolated zone in the country highly control by Naxals and no government authority.