Here are some tips to sparkle your Sex Drive


Here is a good news for those who have a low sexual drive. According to survey, if you have low sexual drive then you are lacking something in your meal. What we have in our meal has a major impact on our libido. There are some breakfast foods that may help you to increase your sex drive.

According to the results of the finding, if you have low sex drive than you are going through vitamin D deficiency. If you want to get this back-up, you should add mushroom, cereal porridge, muesli, eggs and mackerel to boost vitamin D in your body. There are several things that can cause low libido it includes stress, imbalanced lifestyle, food and your work life.

According to the study a person should eat a proper breakfast in which he can include cereal to start the day, followed by mushroom omelette for lunch and mackerel for dinner. Instead of that, the research also found that every day symptoms shows deficiency of vitamin or mineral in around 2,000 people

Here are some other foods that will help you to increase your libido.

  1. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of the best chocolate to improve your sex life. It escalates serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain making us happy and in the mood.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are considered as a booster because it helps you to boost your sex drive. Walnuts and peanuts provide the raw material for a man’s healthy hormone production.

  1. Oats

Oats help to increase the amount of testosterone available in your bloodstream. Oats in your diet improved men’s libidos in just about eight weeks.

  1. Fish

Fish is high in vitamin B that helps in increasing libido. Vitamin B3 is in charge of anaerobic metabolism that offers sexual energy and further raises blood flow to the genitals.

  1. Raw oysters

This is one of the best known foods. Oysters are rich with zinc and aid to increase sperms and testosterone production. Oyster also contains dopamine, a hormone that helps to build up libido.

  1. Avocado

Well avocado is also very beneficial. It contains high levels of folic acid, which increase our metabolize protein. It contains B6 (a nutrient that boost male hormones production) that help to increase male libido.



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