Google Maps Finally Gets iOS Update After Four Months


Google Maps (Image for Representation)

Google was not updating some of its major apps on the Apple App Store since the Cupertino-based giant rolled out its privacy labels.

Google had not updated some of its major apps on the Apple App Store since the final and complete rollout of Apple’s privacy labels. However, the Mountain View, California-based giant started updating its apps earlier this year. The latest one to finally get an iOS update is Google Maps and Google is updating it after a whole four months. Google didn’t being immediately implement the privacy labels that were rolled out by Apple in December last year. Google only started putting privacy labels in February. Gmail, on the other hand, went so long without an update that it started alerting users that the app is out of date.

Apple in December started rolling out the privacy labels. The Cupertino-based giant now requires app makers to include App Privacy labels, that detail what all data an app is collecting from users. Google Maps was updated with the privacy labels in early April, according to a MacRumours report. Alongside Google Maps, Google Photos is also one of the latest Google app to add privacy labels. The latest update (version 5.65) is a minor refresh and brings bug fixes that improve the app. With the App Store privacy labels now in place, Google can go ahead with more updates for the navigation app.

Google was earlier suspected to be avoiding Apple’s privacy labels, but that did not turn out to be the case. Two Google apps – Slides and Socratic – were launched a week after Apple rolled out the labels on December 8, and both had the privacy labels. Google has itself also said that it will add privacy labels to all its apps.

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