Counter-Terrorism Mechanism: Motive of 11th BRICS Summit

PM Narendra Modi is going to attend 11th BRICS Summit in Brazil today. BRICS is the short form for the association of 5 major emerging national economies: BRAZIL, RUSSIA, INDIA, CHINA and SOUTH AFRICA.

The summit is being held from 13-14 November in Brazil. Representatives of all the 5 countries will focus on strengthening the ties of the economies by emphasizing on the key areas such as digital economy, science and technology, and also build mechanisms for counter-terrorism cooperation

PM Modi plans on meeting the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and will discuss the enhancement of Bilateral Strategic Partnership.

“I look forward to exchanging views with other BRICS leaders with the aim to further strengthen intra-BRICS cooperation particularly on the theme of the Summit Economic growth for an innovative future,” Prime Minister Modi said in his departure statement.

Expectations of signing up of BRICS Memorandum between Trade and Investment Promotion agencies and according to Ministery of External Affairs participating leaders will be issued Conclusion of Summit.

The private sessions of all the representatives will focus on challenges and opportunities for the exercise of national sovereignty in the contemporary world, followed by the BRICS Plenary Session, where the leaders will discuss the intra-BRICS cooperation for the economic development of BRICS societies.