Another Nirbhaya Case

Another Nirbhaya Case
Another Nirbhaya Case

Haryana (Rohtak): Again another gang rape happened with 23 years old girl in Rohtak which again remind us Nirbhaya case that shook the nation. The girl was missing from Sonepat on 9th May after two days on 11th May her corpse was found in the industrial model township of Rohtak.

In this case, the culprits crossed the height of ruthlessness. Her corpse was in a very bad condition, street dogs have eaten her face and some other parts of her body. Sumit and Vikas two men kidnaped her when she was returning to home from her work. They kept her in IMT (industrial model township) area and raped her for three days; they killed her with sharp equipment. According to the forensic report, something sharp and hard equipment were put inside the private part of girl and bricks were used to smash her face to prevent her identification.

These brutal cases taking places in cities even after the enactment of criminal law Act.2013- Which redefine rapist and make more strict action against criminals. But again we couldn’t save one more Nirbhaya, It shows how weak our investigation and how the criminals are free to do a crime.

Fast track court of Sonepat will handle this case. Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar said that in such a civilized society, such abusive crime will not be tolerated on any condition. The culprits of the crime will be punished in every condition.

The only solution is we need to focus on improving the conviction rate in rape cases. It needs to more considerable improvements in levels of investigation and finds evidence. Additional, sexual offense laws should decide the punishments according to the degree of crime.


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